How it started

Valeriia and Nataliya, a spirited mother-daughter duo, fell head over fins in love with Egypt and the mesmerizing Red Sea. What started as a shared passion for the beautiful landscapes and underwater wonders of this unique destination soon blossomed into something more.

Realizing that not many people knew about Egypt’s splendor, they decided to make a splash and spread the word. They wanted everyone to feel the magic that they’d experienced. Thus, TheMermaidTours was born! With a sprinkle of charm, a splash of enthusiasm, and a boatload of love for Egypt, they embarked on a journey to make sure that Egypt becomes your next unmissable destination.

Currently both Valeriia and Nataliya are dive instructors and besides Egypt visited the oceana and all 7 seas, but Red Sea is always the one that brings back.

Dive in with Valeriia and Nataliya, and let them share their love for Egypt’s treasures with you!

Memories with the Mermaid Tours

From the towering heights of Egypt’s majestic pyramids to the serene depths of the Red Sea, MermaidTours offers unparalleled experiences. Explore our memories and create your own, where each image captures a moment of thrill and awe. Egypt’s vast contrasts, from its historical grandeur to its natural beauty, are meticulously curated by us to offer you a seamless journey. With MermaidTours, every adventure in Egypt is a chapter waiting to be added to your travel story.


  • 5 stars rating

    Nataliya is a great host. She was very responsive throughout the stay and was very flexible in the check in/out times. The place is great and has everything anyone could ask for. Lots of sitting areas and a great view.

    Would definitely come back again


    from Tunisia

  • 5 stars rating

    Very lovely apartment with beautiful decor. The view from the balcony was so lovely. The rooms are spacious and the apartment is much bigger than the photos suggest.


    from France

  • 5 stars rating

    Nataliya's place is great, highly recommend. It is large and well appointed. The host made it comfortable with accommodating any kind of needs and was easy to reach.


    from Germany